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General Information

Has your email address changed?

We would like to keep the email addresses of Chester County PSEA-Retired members up-to date. If your email addresses changes or you want to verify your email address, please contact our membership chair by clicking on the link below.

Click here to update or verify your email address.

Can't access all the pages on the Chester County PSEA-Retired web site?

Some pages on the web site are "members only" pages. You need to create a PSEA Interactive Account so you can log in to the site and access "member only" pages.

Follow these steps to create your account:
    1. Go to the PSEA web site (
    2. Click on My PSEA Login in the upper left-hand corner.
    3. Click on Register in the lower right-hand corner of the Member Login window.
    4. Use one of the two methods provided to verify your PSEA membership and set up your account.
    5. Use your PSEA Interactive username and password to access the Chester County PSEA-Retired web site.

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