Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Health Options Program (HOP)

Health Options Program (HOP)

Enrolling in HOP
About 6-9 months before you reach 65 years of age, HOP will send you an invitation to a meeting explaining their program for Medicare supplements.

Enrolling a Retiree's Spouse
If a spouse is older than a retiree and needs Medicare plus other coverage earlier than the retiree, he/she should call the HOP Administration Unit (1-800-773-77256) 6-9 months before his/her 65th birthday to get information about HOP and upcoming HOP seminars.  As a spouse of a school retiree, he/she is entitled to enroll in HOP at the time of a qualifying event like reaching age 65/eligibility for Medicare.

HOP has no way of knowing about an older spouse or his/her need for coverage, so that spouse will not receive an automatic notice about the HOP seminars.

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