Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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PSEA's Center of Professional Learning

Clarification for PSEA-Retired members registering
for PSEA’s Professional Learning Workshops

1. Any PSEA-Retired member with a Continuing Education Professional Personnel ID (or PPID) number from the PA Dept. of Education (PDE) that wants to earn Act 48 credits (and keep their certificates active), should continue to use their PPID number.

2. PSEA-Retired members who do not want Act 48 credits and want to take courses for information, interest or enjoyment, should input the code of 9999999 (as our ESP members do) in place of the PPID number.

3. PSEA-Retired members can find their PPID numbers on the PDE website.

Link to Professional Education Record Management System: 


Link to PSEA's Center for Professional Learning:


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